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Velvet Heel Sandals

The block heel and wedge combo gives an elegant rise to your feet. Dress in a velvet maxi dress for an overall velvety fashion.

Velvet Sandals
Velvet Sandal
Velvet Sandal Heels
Red Velvet Sandals Heels

The purple heel are trendy and super luxe. Just add a short body-con dress for a chic look that’s sure to welcome praises.

Purple Velvet Sandals
Pink Velvet Sandals
Grey Velvet Sandals

The green velvet sandals are super dreamy and add a luxurious feel to your holiday fashion statement.

Green Velvet Sandals
Burgundy Velvet Sandals
Blue Velvet Sandals
Black Velvet Sandals
Blush Velvet Sandals

Velvet Flat Sandals

This slide sandal could be the next addition to your wardrobe collection for summer. They are easy to complement any outfit and at the same time let’s you try something new.

Velvet Slide Sandals

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