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Light Orange Wedge Sandals

The big golden buckle is an attractive feature, contrasting perfectly with the orange color of the strap on which it is placed. The back strap makes your feet extra secure, while the gentle rise of the wedge ensures comfort.

Wedge Orange Sandals
Orange Leather Wedge Sandals

Dark Orange Wedge Sandals

The dark orange and white combination is simple yet eye-catching. You could pair them with a dark orange knee-length dress and match yourself with the color of the fall season.

Orange Wedge Sandals Image
Ladies Orange Wedge Sandals
Orange Wedge Sandals

The contrasting blue and white patterns make the orange wedge sandals cute and lovely. The peep-toe design and high wedges also add a touch of beauty and comfort.

Orange Wedge Sandals Picture

Neon Orange Wedge Sandals

The neon straps perfectly contrast the darker orange shade of the wedges. You could wear them to a summer outdoor event to look attractive and trendy.

Orange Wedge Sandal

Burnt Orange Wedge Sandals

The stylish burnt orange multi-straps attached to the foot sole with little silvery embellishments would surely make you want the pair.

Burnt Orange Wedge Sandals
Womens Orange Wedge Sandals
Orange Low Wedge Sandals

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