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Pink Jelly Sandals for Toddlers

Jelly Sandals for Toddler Girls

Pretty in pink, the jelly sandals are covered at the front so your munchkin’s toes are well protected. The buckle strap is flexible and soft on the ankles.

Jelly Sandals for Toddlers Images

Decked with a big flower, the sandals have springy and firm soles, lasting for a longer time. Carry them for any outdoor activity without worrying about it wearing out.

Jelly Sandals for Toddlers Pictures

Toddler Girl Jelly Sandals


White Jelly Sandals for Toddlers

The ribbon on the top of these transparent sandals look absolutely stunning. The strap is adjustable to the feet ensuring a perfect fit. Dress your little angel in a fairy tale frock and these flats on her birthday.

Toddler Jelly Sandals

Clear Jelly Sandals for Toddlers

Jelly Sandals for Toddlers Photos

White and glittery, these sandals are made of water-proof materials and easy to slip into or out of without experiencing any trouble. Its definitely worth the purchase.

Jelly Sandals Toddler

Purple Jelly Sandals for Toddlers

Jelly Sandals for Toddlers

Red Jelly Sandals for Toddlers

The glossy red sandals have cushion-like buckle and strap working in unison. Any light-toned outfit will go well with the sandal.

Jelly Toddler Sandals

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