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Clear Jelly Flat Sandals

Clear Baby Jelly Sandals

This is pair of fashionable sandals with a front cover giving you extra protection on a rainy day. Also, chances are less that you would be having any shoe bite issues.

Clear Jellies Sandals

Clear Jelly Sandals for Adults

Do you want to expose your feet and keep them protected at the same time? Try out this lovely pair of sandals with a rugged back sole for a good grip while you walk.

Clear Jelly Sandals for Toddlers

Clear Jelly Sandals Toddler

Clear Jelly Sandals Womens

Those having a plethora of pretty socks will get a nice opportunity to flaunt them wearing these flat sandals.

Clear Jelly Sandals

Clear Sparkle Jelly Sandals

The flower-embedded sandals would definitely remind you of those good old childhood days when these footwear were a fashion.

Clear Toddler Jelly Sandals

Jelly Sandals Clear

Toddler Clear Jelly Sandals

Clear Jelly Heel Sandals

Womens Clear Jelly Sandals

Brand new and partly glitzy, these sandals come with block heels and flexible straps to help you walk like a princess.

Clear Glitter Jelly Sandals

Clear Jelly Sandal

The glittery look of the sandals adds a glamorous spin to the otherwise ordinary sandals offering you both comfort and style.

Clear Jelly Sandals for Women

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